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Dazzle Drums Mixshow

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Dazzle Drums
Dazzle Drums is a male and female group that consists of Nagi and Kei Sugano.
Both members started DJing individually in the 90s.
Although rooted in soulful house music, their selection blends
a wide variety of tracks of dance, house classics as well as current songs.
In 2005 they began producing music using the name Dazzle Drums.
After building up their catalog with releases through overseas labels
King Street Sounds, Tony Records, Nulu Electronic, Centric Music, Makin Moves,
in 2010 they launched their own imprint, Green Parrot Recording.
DJs such as Danny Krivit, Joe Claussell, Tony Humphries, DJ Nori and Tim Sweeney have all been known to include their tracks in their sets.
The R&B house remix compilation series NK RMX has been released on both CD and vinyl and is currently on volume 10.
Two of their tracks were the catalyst and included in the acid house compilation Acid City that is supervised by Japanese top DJ Emma.
Their song Twang which was released on NuLu Music is owned by Anane Vega
(Elements of Life, Ananesworld) reached number 3 on the Traxsource Afro chart.
They also contributed to the selection and writing for House Disc Guide (House Definiteive) (Japanese edition) covering primarily 90s US house music.
Dazzle Drums hosts a regular party called Block Party at Aoyama Zero
which takes place every second Sunday of the month.
DJ Booking : http://www.teal.jp